mesubf V.S. Sunder
Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Chennai, India

Special Lecture - 1
11.30 - 12.30, July 26 (Tue), 2016 Room: Pecatu Hall 1 and 2

Title: On a tensor-analogue of the Schur product
We consider the tensorial Schur product R \circ^\otimes S = [r_{ij} \otimes s_{ij}] for R \in M_n(\mathcal{A}), S \in M_n(\mathcal{B}), with \mathcal{A, B} unital C^*-algebras and R \circ^\otimes S viewed as an element of M_n(\mathcal{C}) for any C^*-algebra \mathcal{C} containing the algebraic tensor product \mathcal{A} \otimes_{alg} \mathcal{B}; verify that such a 'tensorial Schur product' of positive operators is again positive and then use this fact to prove (an apparently marginally more general version of) the classical result of Choi that a linear map \phi : M_n \longrightarrow M_d is completely positive if and only if [\phi(E_{ij})] \in M_n(M_d)^+, where of course \{E_{ij} : 1 \leq i,j \leq n\} denotes the usual system of matrix units in M_n(:= M_n(\mathbb{C})). We also discuss some other corollaries of the main result. (Joint work with K. Sumesh)

albert Desi Albert Mamahit
Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia

Special Lecture - 2
11.30 - 12.00, July 27 (Wed), 2016 Room: Pecatu Hall 1 and 2

Title: Indonesia’s maritime vision: The global maritime fulcrum
The Indonesian President Joko Widodo concept of a ”global maritime fulcrum” as the centerpiece of his administration is fundamentally represents a national vision and development agenda to rebuild the country’s maritime culture and expand its economy. Jokowi strongly believes the future of Indonesian prosperity rests on the revival of its maritime culture. The concept also signifies a new strategic doctrine that projects Indonesia to become a maritime power with considerable diplomatic influence. The global maritime fulcrum includes five pillars: reviving Indonesia’s maritime culture as a basis of national identity; developing the fisheries industry and food security; boosting Indonesia’s maritime economy; using maritime diplomacy to mitigate security concerns; and protecting Indonesia’s sovereignty by bolstering maritime defenses.

The realization of President Joko Widodo’s maritime doctrine entails the maintenance of national sovereignty, maritime safety and regional security. However, issues of illegal fishing, smuggling, drug trafficking and piracy or robberies at sea are particularly salient in Southeast Asia. The persisting territorial disputes over the South China Seas have led to rising maritime tensions and intensified major power rivalries. And, also the radicalism and terrorism remain at the forefront of Indonesia’s domestic security concerns.

Against this backdrop, the paper seeks to explore the impact of Indonesia’s maritime vision in foreign and defense policy. It will explore the concept of ”global maritime fulcrum” and examine the strategic challenges facing the Indonesian Government for the next five years. The paper concludes by highlighting potential areas for defense and security cooperation between Indonesia and its strategic partners.

Rianto Rianto Ahmadi Djojosugito
Society of Actuaries of Indonesia

Special Lecture - 3
12.00 - 12.30, July 27 (Wed), 2016 Room: Pecatu Hall 1 and 2

Title: Actuarial science program development in Indonesia
Gap between demand for actuarial human resources in the industries and supply of them is significant in Indonesia. Description of the problem and effort to minimize the gap including institutionalization of actuarial science program in appropriate universities in Indonesia as well as challenges faced in the effort are shared.