We have published a mobile app of Asian Mathematical Conference 2016 that contains all schedules, speakers, abstracts, as well as other useful information to guide you attending this conference. We highly encourage you to install and use this app since we will use it to send you announcement in case we need to inform you something that should reach you as soon as possible (e.g. last minutes schedule change, etc).

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This app is available on Android and iOS as well as the Web version that you can access in this url: http://www.amc2016.org/webapp.

To install the app on your mobile device, please follow these steps:

1. Install Guidebook app on your device by clicking here for iOS or here for Android.

2. After the Guidebook app installed, open it, then click on the QR button next to the search field then scan QR code below.

IMG_6570  AMC2016QRcode
( Beside using QR code, you can search for the app by typing "Asian Mathematical Conference 2016" in the search field. )

3. Click "download" and wait until installation process completed.


4. You can then click "open" to go to the AMC 2016 app directly.


5. The next time you want to open the app, open the Guidebook app, and the AMC 2016 app will be available on "My Guides" section just below the search bar.


P.S. You can use Messaging menu to send us any inquiry regarding the conference or the app itself. To do this, please make sure you are logged in and you have checked in (click "check in to this guide" in the Attendees menu). From the Messaging menu, click on new message button, then search for "AMC 2016 Official" to send message to, then enter your message and click send. We will reach you as soon as possible.